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environmental products and services ltd are the manufacturer of the award winning greaseshield grease trap brand. the company has extensive experience in oil/ water separation technology and is working to manufacture a calorifically enhanced renewable energy biomass utilizsing fats, 国产美女主播福利视频0oils & greases and the purification of oils and removal of free fatty acids and separation of carcinogenic compounds including 3-mcpd from fogs. greaseshield effuelent

epas ltd's mission is to protect the environment by providing sustainable and environmental solutions for our clients. we work to make a long-term positive impact in the communities where we work and live, 国产美女主播福利视频1demonstrating our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

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greaseshield - the best grease trap in the world" has earned 20 international awards in 国产美女主播福利视频210 years, repeatedly demonstrating superior functionality, cost savings, revenue generation and environmental benefits.

sized for every application

greaseshield is the 7 star grease 亚洲美女一级毛3trap:

  • superior performance - more than twice as effective in comparison to any other grease management system.
  • award winning technology - small, compact, and easily installed.
  • cost saving - eliminating frequent pumping, harvesting on average 7 litres of fog per day. lowest energy consumption in its class.
  • user friendly - no need for staff to access the 亚洲美女一级毛4internal of the greaseshield
  • safety focused - no heating element means no fire risk
  • protects the environment - harvests a source of renewable energy
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we aim to exceed customer's expectations worldwide with product quality, performance and value for money. epas ltd - award winning, globally certified, internationally recognised.

a grease trap is a necessary part of the plumbing drainage system design for any application.

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greaseshield is the intelligent solution to your blocked drain problems.

  • protect your plumbing and drainage
  • harvest renewable energy
  • save money

don't let money go down the drain

20 awards in 10 years -
celebrating 免费外国美女直播网站520 years of greaseshield廬


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